Instant Multi Mix Grains with Purple Sweet Potato

NH Nutri Grains is a wholesome drink made from 20 nutrient-rich grains and the purple sweet potato. It is suitable for you and your family at any time of the day.


Why Purple Sweet Potato?

• A good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

• Even higher antioxidant activity than blueberries and other potatoes.


It has the highest antioxidant content compared white, cream, yellow and orange-fleshed potatoes due to containing anthocyanins, the flavonoid pigments that give the purple sweet potato its distinctive colour (Choong, 2007).

A Wholesome Drink

• High in Dietary Fibre

• Source of Protein

- Helps build and repair body tissues.

- Essential for growth and development.

- Provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis.

• High in Calcium

- Aids in the development of strong bones and teeth.

• Source of Magnesium

- Magnesium promotes calcium absorption and retention.


Suitable for All

Children, adults, elderly, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers.