NH Nutri Grains is a delicious and wholesome beverage made from 20 nutrient-rich grains. In addition to the popular NH Nutri Grains with Purple Sweet Potato, a new variety has now been launched – NH Nutri Grains with Matcha. You can now enjoy the wholesome goodness of multi grains with the great taste of Matcha. Keep your family days warm and happy with these comforting drinks. Your family will love it!


A Wholesome Drink

• High in Dietary Fibre

• Source of Protein

- Helps build and repair body tissues.

- Essential for growth and development.

- Provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis.

• High in Calcium

- Aids in the development of strong bones and teeth.

• Source of Magnesium

- Magnesium promotes calcium absorption and retention.


Suitable for All

Children, adults, elderly, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers.